Do you live in the Parkway Elementary service area in Clarkston? Do you have family or friends who live in this area? And do they have friendly neighbors who live in this area?

We are looking to conduct internet speed tests, on home computers, during the evening hours. Library staff can assist with taking the test and I am scheduling home visits. Our digital navigators will visit in pairs to help test internet speed and it should only take a few minutes.

Learn more on our website and please contact me if can participate or know someone who would be willing to participate. We have a May 14 deadline.

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About Asotin County Broadband Action Team (BAT)

The Asotin County Broadband Action Team was formed in order to identify areas of our communities impacted by the digital divide and to address the factors causing that divide.  We seek to ensure access to affordable, high-speed Internet for all Asotin County Residents and businesses, regardless of location and ability to pay.

Building the infrastructure to enable this is a major focus of the BAT.  Once the infrastructure is in place, Asotin County will be closer to achieving digital equity for all residents.  Asotin County BAT members work together to address all aspects of digital inclusion – affordable broadband, devices, and skills.